I love to shop at Farmers Markets! There are several small markets near us, but the bigger ones are 30-40 minutes away. Too bad they aren’t closer, but we do go as often as we can. Farmers Markets have great energy and really are quite fun. Patrons tend to be much more friendly and social than at a typical grocery store. That makes shopping less of a chore and more of an outing. Often times our entire family will go. Not an offer that is usually made nor accepted when going to the grocery store.

Even on vacation we prioritize them. We either take our camper or stay at a place with at least a kitchenette, then scope out when and where the local Farmers Markets are. Preparing healthy meals at our home away from home saves money to spend on excursions and souvenirs.

You’ll often find live music, crafts for kids, and cooking or product demonstrations. Offerings vary from market to market. In addition to vegetables and fruits, I see meat, jerky, chicken, eggs, cheese, nuts, honey, preserves, ferments, pickles, oils & vinegars, shrubs, soaps, candles, toothpaste, balms, chocolate, ice cream bars, kombucha, bone broth, gourmet dog biscuits, baskets, and breads. So many choices! I often times get inspiration to make my own creations.

Farmers markets help me achieve my health goals. Eating seasonally is natural and great for your health. Produce that is ripened naturally and picked fresh is bursting with flavor, color, and nutrition. Time is an enemy to the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Who knows when your grocery store produce was picked or how far it traveled to get there. If you’re eating blueberries in Texas in January, they most likely came from Chile or Argentina and are doubtfully organic. The closer to home, the better.

When you get to know your farmers, their families, and their operations you will be more in touch with your food. You can ask questions, diversify with items you have never tried, and learn different ways to prepare the food. Bonus, you help your local economy and the environment at the same time. My advice is to get there early for the best picks and late for the best deals. Most farmers don’t want to pack up their offerings to take home. Buy those closing deals in bulk and ferment, can, pickle, or freeze-dry.

Thankfully, farmers markets are becoming more common and easier to find. If you absolutely don’t have an option near you, check for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Your options are more limited, but they can be fun too and you’ll have access to fresh food. If you have neither, grab some neighbors and start one! Questions, comments, and shares are welcomed.

10/18/21 Update

Here are affiliate links to my 2 favorite sources where I purchase much of my food.

Azure Standard is a family owned and independent company dedicated to providing high quality, affordable organic, natural and non-GMO groceries through an independent and free food supply chain. They give us access to the most nutrient-dense and real foods found anywhere. It’s a monthly coop and those who order help unload the truck on delivery day. It’s fun and is a great opportunity and experience! Let me know if I can answer any questions about how it works.

Thrive Market offers best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices through a $60 per year membership. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online. They have so many great options and are consistently bringing more in. Their goal is to make healthy living accessible to everyone. This link provides you with a 25% discount on your first order.