The holiday season is right around the corner and many families will be hitting the road. Traveling can be but doesn’t have to be hard on your health. I’ve got you covered with these tips to help navigate healthy eating while traveling.

Keep in mind that vacations are to be enjoyed, don’t feel compelled to be too stringent about what you eat. Some of my best memories include experimenting with regional offerings and enjoying new foods. No shame, no guilt. Just don’t let your vacation be an excuse to completely derail from your healthy lifestyle choices.

Having a plan is of utmost importance, especially when traveling with kids. Make sure your food choices are in alignment with your goals; gluten-free, chemical-free, low sugar, low carb, etc. Balancing protein, fat, and carbs, even with snacks will keep you all energized and satiated along the way.

Take a cooler when traveling by car. Size depends on the length of the trip. Pack granola, trail mix, bars, jerky, nut/seed butter packets, meat and cheese sticks, olives, seed crackers, pork rinds, fruit and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, individual yogurts, premade wraps, cans of sardines/salmon/tuna, and pre-portioned protein powder so you can just add water. Easily stay hydrated with reusable water bottles and larger containers of freshwater.

Bonus tip: stop for stretching and moving along the way. Do some lunges, squats, jumping jacks, frog jumps or a quick little game of tag. You’ll feel better for sure.

Does your trip involve flying? Many, but not all of the same tips will apply. You would certainly offend your fellow passengers if you opened a can of sardines or cracked open a hard-boiled egg. And I wouldn’t try to take yogurt or liquids over 3 ounces.

Flying is dehydrating, so be mindful to drink extra water. Once you pass through security there are usually filtered water stations to fill your reusable bottles. I don’t recommend drinking water that’s been stored on a plane. It either comes from plastic bottles or the galley which can be loaded with bacteria.

Pack granola, trail mix, bars, jerky, nut/seed butter packets, meat sticks, olives, seed crackers, pork rinds, easy to carry fruit (citrus, bananas), and pre-portioned protein powder.

Bonus tip: if you’re crossing time zones, get out in the morning sunlight at your destination to minimize jet lag and help reset your circadian rhythm. You’ll sleep much better.

When staying in a hotel, always get a place that has a refrigerator and/or a kitchenette. That’s much more important than a breakfast buffet, which is often nothing more than a carb fest. Hit the local Farmers Market or grocery store ASAP for perishables.

Stock with deli meat, eggs, olives, granola, trail mix, bars, jerky, nut/seed butter packets, meat and cheese sticks, seed crackers, pork rinds, fruit, individual yogurts, protein powder, and cans of sardines/salmon/tuna.

Research local restaurants that offer farm to table or healthy options. There are plenty of jewels out there. That is one of my favorite things to do when going somewhere new.

Bonus tip: carry travel-size packets of salad dressing, olive oil, and sea salt because many times restaurant offerings are loaded with questionable ingredients.

Happy travels! Questions, comments, and shares are welcomed.

In Health,
Coach Nanette