Need help managing your kids’ sugar intake and navigating the upcoming Holidays? It’s easy to justify allowing our kids to consume excess sugar, you know,

  • “it’s Halloween” (or any other holiday, birthday…).
  • “it’s a childhood rite of passage”.
  • “they deserve a treat”.
  • “kids’ bodies can handle sugar”.
  • “I ate lots of sugar when I was a kid”.

Does any of this sound familiar? Trust me I’m not judging, those were my words. However, once I understood the real damage my kids’ little bodies were experiencing, I could no longer justify it.

I encourage you to consider the long-term health dangers of sugar and processed food; impaired brain function, sugar addiction, depression, cognitive delay, sleep problems, low energy, mood swings, chronic inflammation, lifelong poor eating habits, and links to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. These are real conditions kids today are experiencing at an alarming rate.

There are many other ‘treat’ options that your kids will love and may even prefer. Mine loved going to the rock shop to pick out a beautiful rock or stone. What about a special outing like a hike, a playground date, a scavenger hunt, a trip to the library or a special lunch with Mom or Dad?

OK, here are my 3 Tips to Minimize Halloween Sugar Meltdowns;

  1. Plan to prepare nutritious meals with balanced protein, fat, and carbs for the day. Prebake egg cups or protein muffins, or scrambled eggs for an easy morning. Pack healthy lunches with zero sugar if you can. You know they’ll get plenty today. Plan an easy dinner such as a crockpot or Instant Pot meal, a casserole or even leftovers.
  2. Keep candy out of your house. If you are on a trick-or-treat route, hand out trinkets. Have you met the Candy Witch? She’s a nice witch. My kids loved this and gave up their candy willingly. Have them put all the candy in a bucket on the porch. When they wake up, she will have taken the candy but left other fun things such as hula hoops, jump ropes, coloring books, toy cars, or whatever your kids may enjoy. Then get rid of it! Don’t even tempt yourself.
  3. Make your own treats so you know exactly what’s in them. Simply search for healthier homemade versions of whatever you or your kids really love. Involve them with choosing and making. Most everything can be recreated; Snickers, Reese’s, Tag-Alongs, Twix, gummies, caramels, truffles, even Heath bars, there are hundreds. Most times, we all like the homemade version even better.

And lastly, have fun and enjoy this time with your kids! These days will be gone before you know it. They’ll remember what you did together, not the kind of candy they ate. Questions, comments, and shares are welcomed.

In Health,
Coach Nanette