Yes, yes, they will! You know you need to make changes to your family’s diet, but you also worry that they’ll never go along willingly. That’s OK, I got you. I’ll share with you my 6 top tips for not only getting them to go along willingly but to also ensure that they love the changes.

I caution you not to tell them what you’re doing. That is an important tip to remember. Kids, and sometimes even spouses, will automatically rebel if they think you are trying to make them eat healthier. For some crazy reason, eating healthy has a bad rap. Falsely so, in my opinion. Eating nutrient-dense, satisfying food is incredibly delicious. Avoid saying diet, grain-free, sugar-free, eat more veggies, healthier food, etc. Just make the changes!

My 6 Top Tips

1. Eliminate processed vegetable oils such as partially hydrogenated oils, high polyunsaturated vegetable or seed oils, margarine or buttery spreads. These are wreaking havoc on your health. Instead eat quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil for eating and avocado oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, ghee or animal fats for cooking. These taste so much better too. If this is noticed, it will only be because the taste is so much better.

2. Eliminate processed grain flour. Instead eat coconut, nut or seed flour. Most can be substituted in your baking and can be traded out 1:1. Coconut flour is very absorbent and is usually 1:4, so make sure you do your research in recipes before committing. Many of these substitutes have a more complex taste profile and taste great. This step usually goes unnoticed.

3. Eliminate processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Substitute with coconut sugar, monk fruit, stevia, honey or maple syrup. These still need to be consumed in moderation but are much better for you than sugar or artificial sweeteners. Your family most likely won’t question this change.

4. Up the quality of your protein. As your budget allows, introduce more grass-fed, pastured, and wild-caught meats. As you increase your veggie intake, you may not need as much meat.

5. Up your veggie consumption. Instead of cooking 1 head of broccoli, cook two. Sneak more into sauces, soups or stews. They may not eat much more in the beginning, but you also may be surprised. Know that it will come.

6. Embrace cauliflower. There is so much you can do with it. You can use instead of mashed potatoes, make pizza crust or crackers, use as rice or grits, they are delicious roasted with avocado oil or duck fat. Don’t try to pawn them off as what you’re substituting them for though. You won’t trick anybody. Just offer up something different with your meal.

Eating real food is delicious and satiating. Many of us just need to retrain our taste buds and habits. Trust that it will happen. Start with great tasting dishes to earn their trust. What are their favorites? Pick a few, remake them, rock them, and they’ll go for more.

One of my family’s favorites is taco night. We remade with grain-free Siete tortillas (or salad mix for a taco salad), grass-fed ground beef, Kerrygold cheddar, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, and all the great taco spices. It’s still a highly requested meal even though it has been remade to provide much better nutrition.

Most any dish can be remade with wholesome, healthy ingredients. Search the internet for paleo/primal/keto recipes. Whenever we have suspicious (weary of our lifestyle) friends or family for dinner, I pull out all the stops. They are rarely disappointed and most always ask for the recipe.

Bonus Mindset Tips
1. Be grateful for delicious and healthy food, for choices, for all the hands that touched it.
2. Eat intuitively. Pay attention to how you feel, slow down, listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t eat it.
3. Yes, your family will love the new lifestyle. Believe it!

Maybe, just maybe, your family will request these great meals. When they do, secretly smile to yourself and quietly do a little dance, no need to make a big deal about it.

In Health,
Coach Nanette